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Positive UV-CTP(CTCP) Plate

■ High-quality aluminum substrate

The special high quality aluminum substrate is adopted as the substrate that guarantees the flatness of plates, precise plate sizes and various physical mechanical properties.

■ Complex grain structure & dense oxidized layer

Multilayered complex grain structure and dense oxidized layers are formed on the surface of the substrates through graining treatment with a series of chemical and electric-chemical methods to ensure that the plate possesses precise dot reproduction and excellent anti-abrasion.

■ The substrate of hydrophilic treatment

UV-CTP plate with its substrate of hydrophilic treatment can guarantee the adherence of the photosensitive layer to the substrate, the ink/water balance improved and also overcome the normal contaminations at shut-down time or during printing.

■ Special coating formulation

UV-CTP plate with special coating formulation features the following properties, such as even cosmetic coatings, extremely high sensitivity, fine dot reproduction, wide processing latitude, high run length, which ensures that it fits UV-CTP(CTCP) plate-making very much. It is the best choice of the superb color business printing and the newspaper printing.

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