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Quality Offset Ink

1. Application As the most popular printing ink, FG series ink widely applies to print high quality magazines, labels and decorative packaging on coated art paper with four-color or two-color offset press. It can adapt to the velocity of 10000-15000 prints per hour. As a prime variety of glossy...

Product details

1.    Application

CT series is primarily designed for cast coated paper and matte paper where more rub resistance is required without coating. It has been formulated with select vehicles and waxes to assure good rub resistance and fast setting.  This series especially stands out for its high strength, high gloss, low dot gains, fast drying and perfect emulsion curves

2. Product Characteristics:

Low content of aromatic-hydrocarbon, innocuous and low odor.
Excellent on-paper drying property and low on-press drying velocity.
Excellent applicability for four-color printing with high velocity.
Brilliant color, clear-cut halftone dot, high transparence.
Excellent adaptability, good stability


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