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Color Variable Security Offset Ink By Uv Lamp & Fluorescent Offset Ink

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Application(Security invisible ink)

Security visible printing ink is transparent or colorless and can be detected only under ultra violet light. As to its security and high value, it is recommended to print anti-fake documents, government documents, bank cheque, log, special label and packages. It is the first choice when security printing works is necessary. 


FWO-5A     Colorless to green color

FWO-2A     Colorless to red color

FWO-2B     Colorless to red color

FW2-1       Red color to orange color

FW2-2       Warm red color to red color 

Application(Fluorescent ink)

Fluorescent ink is a special ink with fluorescent pigment. The ink has a brilliant color under light. It is mostly used in the heart of printing products such as labels and certificate documents


PT-801   fluorescent blue

PT-802   fluorescent green

PT-803   fluorescent yellow

PT-804   fluorescent orange

PT-805   fluorescent red

PT-806   fluorescent pink

PT-807   fluorescent rose

01_副本1.jpg 02.jpg 01.jpg

factory view_副本.jpg 照片 039_副本.jpg

workshop_副本.jpg packing machine_副本.jpg

照片 053_副本.jpg workshop1_副本.jpg

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